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“BFT” 100 lb. 5’ Big Freakin’ Tuna Jig/Lure Leaders (2 Pack)

“BFT” 100 lb. 5’ Big Freakin’ Tuna Jig/Lure Leaders (2 Pack)

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100 LB 5 FT Fishing Leaders For Knife Jigs, Bait, or trolling.

 — 2 Leaders Per Pack —

** NOTE: NOT 130 lb swivels as the picture shows. Upgraded to 150 lb BILLFISHER stainless crane swivels! 

Heavy Duty hand rigged leaders with SPLIT RINGS for JIGS. great for those heavy knife, vertical, slowfall, and shutter/butterfly style jigs, chunk bait, or casting speed and slow pitch lures.

Can be used for trolling also of course but checkout my same size leaders with snaplocks instead of split ring for easier/quicker lure changes.  

These are 100 lb premium monofilament leaders with 150 lb. BILLFISHER barrel rolling swivels, a 250 lb. Figure 8 ring, and a 150 lb. split ring. Attach a jig assist hook to the eye of the figure 8 ring and attach the split ring directly to your jig.


Excellent for trolling, chunk bait, or casting/deep dropping all jigs and lures.


Why use a leader???

Answer: The last 1-5 feet of your line takes the most abuse from fighting big fishes as that part constantly is exposed to higher friction and weakens the integrity of it from rubbing on the fishes face, jaw, body, fins, and tail as it turns and shakes and kicks during a fight. It also can be higher risk to rub on grass, kelp, other foliage or rocks if the fish are near the bottom fighting hard. If you bottom jig or troll you should always use a stronger leader than your main line to compensate for this extra abuse and prevent fish losses. Catch more fish!


Exceptionally great fishing for amberjack, yellowtail, grouper, and other fishes that try to run and hide in rocks or structure. This end part of your line is most likely to rub and wear on bushes, rocks, or other structures and your fish will get away with your favorite lure if you use lesser quality line!

Great for all vertical jig fishing, trolling, heavy lures, heavy weight dropper fishing, any fish with more abrasive teeth, albacore, yellowfin tuna, bluefin, bigeye, blackfin, yellowtail, greater amberjack.

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