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“BFT” 200 lb. 5' Big Freakin’ Tuna Jig/Lure Leaders (2 Pack)

“BFT” 200 lb. 5' Big Freakin’ Tuna Jig/Lure Leaders (2 Pack)

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200 LB 5 FT BIG FREAKIN’ TUNA MONOFILAMENT LEADERS For Slow Pitch, Knife Jigs or Trolling

Heavy Duty hand rigged leaders for those heavy knife, vertical, slowfall, and shutter/butterfly style jigs or for trolling.

- 200 LB Durablend Premium leader monofilament

- BILLFISHER tournament 250 LB Crane Swivels

- PitBull 400 LB Figure 8 ring w/300 LB split ring

- BILLFISHER SS Spring Loop Protectors

- Billfisher 1.7mm Aluminum Crimps

     These are 200 lb premium durablend monofilament leaders with Tournament SS BILLFISHER brand 250 lb Crane swivels. Attached at the lure end is a 400 lb Solid Figure 8 ring with a 250 lb split ring. Then if you desire to add assist hooks to the top you attach those to the figure 8 ring also which keeps the weight of the lure free from pulling and bouncing those top hooks when a fish is on. Makes for less wiggle and movement on the hooks in the fishes mouth reduces the wear and tear on their flesh, which keeps your hookup stronger and increases your chances of landing those big fish on long battles.


     Ideally you should never fish those big jigs for tuna without a strong leader. That last few feet of line right to the jig take a huge abrasive beating when fighting big fish by rubbing on their body and constant tail kicks. Fishing 60-80 lb line? Use a 150-200 lb jig leader!!! You will never regret it.


     Also exceptionally great for those big amberjacks, yellowtail, grouper, and other fishes that try to run and hide in rocks or structure. This end part of your line is most likely to rub and wear on bushes, rocks, or other structures and your fish will get away with your favorite lure if you use lesser quality line!


     Great for all vertical jig fishing, trolling, heavy lures, heavy weight dropper fishing, any fish with more abrasive teeth, albacore, yellowfin tuna, bluefin, bigeye, blackfin, yellowtail, greater amberjack.

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