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4.75” Double Squid Skirts Rockfish Rig Lingcod Snapper Grouper Bottom Fishing

4.75” Double Squid Skirts Rockfish Rig Lingcod Snapper Grouper Bottom Fishing

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 Double 4.75” Squid Skirt Bottom Fishing Rigs


Great for rock fish, Vermillion, Boccaccio, whitefish, cod, Lingcod, Snapper, Sheephead, Cali Grouper, Johnny Bass, Calico Bass, Blue Perch, pretty much any and all Bottom Fishing from pier or boat. 

These rigs made on 50 lb line with 4.75” squid skirts rigged with 7/0 Mustad O’shaugnessy style hooks and a size 3 rolling barrel swivel at top to connect to mainline and a quick snap at bottom to attach your weight of choice for target depth and current conditions.

Aluminum Crimped connections for superior strength and durability to be used over and over again. 

Rigged on 50 lb Trilene “Big Game” Clear monofilament

Squids will be random color selection unless otherwise specified. You can message with purchase for any preferred color combination desired and if possible I will always try to send the requested colors.

Use heavy weights from 4-16oz or heavier depending on fishing depth and current. 

Add a small strip of cut squid to each hook for maximum effect! Drop down to the bottom ocean floor, once feel the weight hit the floor close the reel and reel up 1-3 cranks off bottom, then slowly lift and drop the rod tip to jig the squids up and down just couple feet above the rock pile. And them bamn the hits will come, and when first fish is hooked just give it a couple more jigs and 5-10 seconds before retrieving and you will be shocked how many times you will get double hookups!


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