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5” Squid Bait Bottom Rigs

5” Squid Bait Bottom Rigs

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Great for LINGCOD, Rockfish, Grouper, Sea Bass, Reds, Bluefish, Whitefish, Cod, any and all bottom dwelling ocean fish love these rigs!!

5 Colors - All are mixed/random color variety. 
Pink - Red - Yellow - White - Green(Glows)

- 50 lb. Trilene BigGame mono  3 to 3.5’ length

- TWO 5” Squid baits with tentacles that move in the current or from jigging

- 5/0 Carbon Steel O’Shaugnessy Bait hooks

- Rolling barrel swivel at top to attach to main line

- Quick snap at bottom to attach 2-16 oz weight easily


For best results always apply fresh cut bait or squid strips to the hooks in addition to the artificial squids. Fish by allowing the weight to reach the bottom floor and then reel 1-2 cranks up from bottom lightly jigging/bouncing the baits. Repeat at bottom again and so on. Rockfish, Lingcod, Grouper etc have large mouths and will often take the whole bait and lure and get perfectly lip hooked

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