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“Jack-Knife” Speed Casting Jigs 60g/80g Coltsniper Style w/ Mustad Single Hooks

“Jack-Knife” Speed Casting Jigs 60g/80g Coltsniper Style w/ Mustad Single Hooks

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The “Jack-Knife” (JK60) (JK80) Coltsniper style jigs come fully rigged with Mustad Ultra Point 3/0 single in-line jig hooks and ready to help fill your ice chest with fish! 

Arguably the most popular, versatile, and effective speed/casting jig ever made!

6 Beautifully Crafted Designs Available

2 sizes: 60g or 80g

All have a custom glow in the dark belly paint except for on the Chrome version.

Beautifully designed to perfection with a holographic reflective finish. Use as is with hook at bottom or also add an assist hook at the top split ring too. I rig these with single in-line jig hooks instead of treble hooks because once bit the hook sets deeper in the fishes mouth resulting in fewer “get away heartbreaks” and more fish in your cooler! Very versatile jigs.

How to use: (Many ways)

Cast and retrieve in high speed just subsurface. Cast it out and let it sink before retrieving. Can drop them straight down and retrieve YoYo style, they will flicker and flutter on the fall which often produces bites on the drop or draws attention and you get bit as soon as you start retrieving the jig. 

I have caught such a variety of fish on these jigs including bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail/amberjack, mackerel, kingfish, bonito, dorado/dolphin, trigger fish, calico bass, striper, grouper, rockfish, cod, sculpin, and Im still using them every trip as a main “Go To” jig. Never will I NOT have one tied up ready to go. 

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