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SHOCK LEADERS Trolling for Wahoo/Marlin/Tuna

SHOCK LEADERS Trolling for Wahoo/Marlin/Tuna

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150 lb, 200 lb, and 300 lb trolling shock leaders!!

ALL Sizes have DUAL swivels for ultimate line twist prevention and guarantee your lures troll strsight and true!

150 and 200 lb made with Billfisher SS Swivels and AFW snap swivels

300 made with TWO ball bearing swivels perfect for HIGH SPEED TROLLING Wahoo!!



For trolling for catching that monster bucket-list Pelagic fish!


Excellent shock leader for trolling live or dead bait, flying fish; or jigs/lures for those monster wahoo, marlin, tuna, sailfish, and even great for sharks!

- 320 # ball bearing swivel

- 25 ft length provides some shock absorption from violent head-shakes and quick turns as high seas premium monofilament leader is by design made to stretch up to 25% and always has a breaking point higher than the rated LBS.

- These are handmade with 300 lb “High Seas Grand Slam” premium leader, every piece made is always strength tested to ensure you get only the highest quality from Jackpot Tackle!

- STAINLESS STEEL chafe guard loop protectors!

- Attach your trolling bait or lure directly to the snap.

- Have confidence in your terminal tackle and really put the hurt down as you bring the fight to that monster trophy fish of a lifetime.


- Why use a leader?

Never fish those big jigs for tuna, marlin, wahoo, sailfish, etc. without a strong leader. That last few feet of line right to the jig take a huge abrasive beating when fighting big fish by rubbing on their body and constant tail kicks, head shakes, mouth and teeth grinding, and can rub on sharp parts of fins or gils.

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