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Tiger Knife Glow Speed Jigs w/Treble Hook Sz 1/0

Tiger Knife Glow Speed Jigs w/Treble Hook Sz 1/0

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The stripes are glow in the dark!! Great for night jigging!
Rigged with strong mustad saltwater hooks

Feedback from repeat customers keep teling me they are just slaying big LINGCOD bottom jigigng with these lures! These truly are magical, everything from bottom jigging to yo-yo for yellowtail and bonito to surface casting for schoolie tuna and kings… this list is becoming infinite the more feedback I keep getting! Don’t delay to try these out! SILVER is the LING candy I have been told. 

100g - approx. 4.75” - 2/0 Mustad 3X treble

80g - approx 4.2” - Sz 1 Mustad treble

60g - approx 3.7” - Sz 2 Mustad treble

Note: 60/80g do not have split ring at nose. If desired I can send some for free of course with order just message me. 

NOTE: You can order these with 1/0 to 3/0 SINGLE jig hooks i stead of treble or with top only assist hooks also if preferred. Message me with your order. Note shipping may be delayed for custom orders. 


Excellent for slow pitch AND fast pitch jigging!!

The curved belly gives a fantastic side to side swooping action for slow pitch on the flat fall while the jig has a triangular back ridge which gives it the side to side kicking action when casting or retrieving. FINALLY the PERFECT JIG has been made!!


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