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*Tuna Bar* Heavy Knife Jig/Lure in 3 Sizes

*Tuna Bar* Heavy Knife Jig/Lure in 3 Sizes

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These are straight up BFT TUNA CANDY!! Absolute go to jig for night TUNA fishing!! 
Get our UV Flashlights also to charge up these glow jigs in a second, giving you more time in the zone!

400g with 12/0 and 10/0 hooks

300g with 10/0 and 9/0 hooks

250g with 9/0 and 8/0 hooks

Rigged with Jackpot Big Game Hooks, Top Assist Hook, Split Rings and 400LB Solid Ring

12/0 4X stainless steel southern tuna J-hook

10/0, 9/0, 8,0 are all 3X Strong High Carbon Steel

Use a "BFT" leader and catch that bucket list monster!!!  Many personal best 200+ # tuna have been caught on my leaders don’t lets your next Jackpot fish get away. Jackpot Tackle custom gear will help you!!

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